Challenges in IoT Education

Challenges in IoT Education

As the adoption of IoT increases, so does intellectual and financial investments in it. From healthcare and education to science and technology, almost every industry is leveraging IoT to improve its business models and processes. This growth is fueling an increasing demand for educated professionals who understand the ins and outs of the concept.

Today's challenge is that existing educational curriculums are not preparing students for these jobs. As a result, there are thousands of vacancies going unfilled due to the lack of qualified candidates. Industry leaders have found that many candidates lack basic knowledge about IoT software and hardware platforms.

IoT Educators face many challenges when teaching the subject - Primarily the dependence on Hardware. As the necessity for remote learning arose, the field of IoT has fallen behind similar technical domains such as AI and programming in general. This effect can be attributed partly to the lack of accessibility, and the friction one faces when getting started in the field. In addition, as recent circumstances have favoured remote learning, we have observed that educators have switched to a theoretical and demonstrative manner of teaching this otherwise practical and hands-on domain. This further widens the disconnect between how students learn and what the industry demands - Practical and Hands-on knowledge.

Another factor contributing to the friction in getting started with IoT is its dependence on Hardware. It is significantly more accessible for a student to gain practical knowledge in AI or Blockchain and learn concepts by implementing projects than it is for the field of IoT. It is as simple as downloading an IDE or spinning up a Virtual Machine to get started in the former. In contrast, IoT has always been held back due to the accessibility to Hardware that is necessary.

Simuli, formerly known as IoTIFY Virtual Lab, was conceived to address these issues. With Simuli, we hope to democratize IoT Education by making it more accessible and allowing educators to teach IoT the way it should be taught - in a practical and hands-on manner. Furthermore, we take pride in offering a level of emulation that will ensure that your code runs on our platform precisely as it does in real life and vice-versa!

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