Meet Simuli: Learning IoT, Simplified.

Simuli is your one-stop-shop for all your IoT Learning and Teaching needs.

Meet Simuli: Learning IoT, Simplified.

IoT education faces a niche challenge compared to learning general programming due to its dependence on hardware. This issue often hinders the growth of the domain as students, teachers and hobbyists are limited by accessibility to IoT hardware. Simuli was conceived to address this very issue.

Now you can access an IoT Lab right within your browser!

Simuli provides you with an online workspace where you can quickly assemble your own virtual hardware, log into a Raspberry Pi or build a firmware of your choice and begin programming right away. All you’ll need is a browser with an internet connection to get going.

Simuli allows you to:

  • Teach and Learn IoT is a meaningful and Hands-on manner.
  • Rapidly develop prototypes for your IoT ideas without worrying about hardware dependencies.
  • Implement the applications developed on Simuli in their hardware counterparts with ease. We ensure One-to-one device emulation; what works in real life works on our platform - and vice-versa.
  • Conduct IoT courses efficiently without struggling to demonstrate a project or manage a large group.
  • Save on hardware capital and maintenance costs.

Try Simuli today at

Creating an account with us today will give you access to the Arduino and STM32 boards, along with our entire collection of sensors. In addition, the Raspberry Pi is available to you with a nominal $10 upgrade.

To create an instance, click on the ‘Launch’ button under the board you prefer and choose the Sensors you need. Once you review your selection and start the instance, a dedicated Virtual Machine will be provisioned for you in a few minutes.

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With Simuli, the behaviour of the boards and sensors you access are emulated at a near-hardware level. For example, an Arduino talking to an SHT21 temperature sensor will use the same I2C communication to retrieve data as their hardware counterparts. We allow you to take this to the next level with the W5500 Ethernet Module, which you can interface over SPI communication. This functionality enables your microcontroller to access the Internet - and from there, the possibilities are truly endless!

Check out a few projects we have documented at

We are excited to see what you make with Simuli! Show off your projects on Social media with the hashtag #madeWithSimuli and stand a chance to win a few extra credits!

We also have tailored plans for IoT Educators and Universities. Please visit our website for more information or drop an email at